Why Exercise Is The Best Way to Lose Weight

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When you’re trying to get started losing weight, the sheer number of options available can seem overwhelming, and there are often mixed messages about which approach is right for you.

Should you go on that 5-day detox to drop a quick 10 pounds? What about that hot new weight loss pill your friend told you about? Isn’t there just some strap you can wear on your stomach that will help burn fat?

The reality is, that despite having so many options, the best way to lose weight is exercise. Here’s why.

Exercise Builds Strengths

Despite what the latest diet guru will try to tell you, the only way to create lasting physical change, lose weight and keep it off, is to increase the amount of strength you have.

That doesn’t mean that you need to go out and become a professional body-builder, but it does mean that you need to find an exercise routine you can stick with consistently. Exercise builds muscle, and muscle burns fat. It’s that simple.

Exercise Improves Metabolism

Ever wonder about all of those diet claims that can raise your metabolism? Well, the truth is that metabolism does have a huge impact on how much weight you lose, but you’re not going to improve it drastically just by eating an apple a day.

Exercise has the ability to increase your metabolism in the long haul, both throughout the day (for up to 10 hours after a workout) and your base level of metabolism, even when your body is at rest.

This, in turn, has drastic effects on the rest of your body, which brings us to the final point…

Exercise Drives Total Health

The best way to improve your body in the long run is to work towards a better overall state of health.

Studies consistently show that exercise is one of the main drivers of health, and many suggest that it can play an even more important role than genetics in a person’s likelihood to age well and avoid disease.

Exercise can prevent heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer, along with just about any other major illness.

That means that if you’re wondering which approach you should take to lose weight, there’s really no question at all: exercise!

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