3 Tips to Burn Fat and Lose Weight on a Busy Schedule

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If you’re like most people, weight loss is just one of those things that constantly seems to be on your mind, but never happens! We all want to lose a few pounds, tighten up  our abs, and have the perfect lean body, but let’s face it: life gets in the way.

Between work, traffic, and family time, who has room in their schedule left over to exercise?

If you’ve been wanting to get in better shape but haven’t had time to do it, try these 3 simple tips.

Get Up Earlier and Workout in the Morning

Perhaps the biggest opportunity you have to improve your schedule and fit the workout in is to get up a little earlier each day and workout in the morning.

Before you object and say you don’t get enough sleep as it is, or can’t ever have to jump into action with kids or work the moment you get out of bed, consider that increasing your exercise on a consistent basis will actually give you more energy, not less, and using your morning-time to workout will help you gain clarity and focus for the day, which can even help make you more productive, so you can get more done in less time, and may even be able to work less.

Not only that, but making a concerted effort to implement a morning workout will change your daily habits. Instead of thinking you should workout more, it changes your mindset so that exercise is a priority. This shift will help you get in shape faster.

Take 2-minute Breaks to Move

If you implement a morning workout routine, you’ll be setting the stage for the second step on this list, which is to take consistent short breaks throughout the day to get up and move.

This is especially important if you have any job where you’re sitting for extended periods. Trying taking 2 minutes out of every hour to stand up and jog in place, or do a few jumping jacks.

No, you don’t have to workout to the point of breaking into a sweat in the middle of the office, the point is simply to get your blood pumping a little, which will help increase your metabolism. If you’ve already worked out earlier in the day, this is like adding an extra boost to keep your metabolism high throughout the day!

Eat High Metabolism Foods

Finally, one of the most important traits you can develop if you’re trying to lose weight on a busy schedule is simply to make sure you pick the right kinds of food.

Exchanging that daily soda for a water, or the caramel latter for a tea can save you thousands of calories per month, or even week. Step it up a level by choosing foods that make your body work harder to digest them, like raw fruits and vegetables, and you may find you’ll be able to lose weight without even changing your exercise habits.

All in all, the best way to succeed is simply to make your weight loss goal a top priority. Somehow, we always find a way to complete the things we need to do, but never get around to all those things we should do. Making weight loss a major focus of your life will automatically allow you to find little tricks to help you, despite your busy schedule.

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